Our Doctors

Our Doctors

Gynecologist, Obstetrician

In 1985, she went to the U.K. for exposure and further experience in the subject. Most of the medical knowledge and text books come from West, so her aim was to see the practice as is preached. This indeed turned out to be a wonderful experience, from academic point of view and also socially, culturally and spiritually.

After working abroad for 7 years, she returned home in 1992, armed with knowledge , experience and MRCOG degree to practise medicine in the changing Indian scenario, so unique; where age old values and customs sit comfortably by the side of cutting edge thinking and living.

Thus the task for her was both, challenging and satisfying at the same time. She loves helping mothers bring their precious little darlings into the world normally. Water Birth is the natural step in evolution. ( It strengthens mother’s role.)


Dr. Ali Poonawala , is a Urologist. In simple language.. a Medical Plumber!!!! Essentially a surgeon- who sets right kidney stones, urinary Tract infections, Prostate problems and issues related to errection and fertility.

He did his MBBS and MS (Gen. surgery) from Grant Medical College, J.J. Group of Hospitals Mumbai, guided by well known Surgeons like Dr. Rasik Patel, Dr. Tehempton Udwadia and Dr. Adi Nazir.

Egged by his seniors, he went to the UK, got exposed to a completely different way of looking at patients- humane and empathic. Working with Mr. Roger Hole, Mr. John Hindmarsh, in Middlesborough, Mr. Newling in Hull, Prof. Peter Bell, Mr. Peter Veitch in Leicester, Prof. William Gordon in London, In the process, got FRCS and Diploma in Urology. A stint in KSA made it clear that sub-speciality experience will help, so back to Leicester as Registrar in Renal Transplantation. Finally, Urology-Transplant job in Hammersmith Hospital, London, before packing up bags, for good, to Namma Bengaluru (1992) !!!!!!

A sabattical as Consultant Urologist in Leicester (2002) was quite useful to recharge the professional batteries.