Yes,in carefully selected women, it is safe.

The fetus is in a warm fluid medium in the uterus for nine months, the warm water pool is just like a bigger uterus into which the baby delivers, thus the transition from the uterus into the world is less traumatic and more peaceful.

Not all women are eligible.

If you have a medical condition like very high blood pressure and diabetes,you will require constant monitoring of your vital signs like blood pressure,which may not be feasible under water.

If you cannot get in and around the pool on your own,and/or, if you are not comfortable with water, then you will not be suitable for waterbirth.

A mother with a big baby may be allowed to labour in water but asked to leave the pool to deliver on land,due to the risk of shoulder dystocia.

If during labour, liquor is meconium stained, this fetus requires electronic Monitoring of the fetal heart, not possible underwater.

Yes,water will give you pain relief and you can leave the pool to deliver on land when you are ready to push.

Yes ! you can fill the tub with warm water and see for yourself how “light”you will feel, the comfort and ease of movement it provides.

Not if the pool is well maintained. Our pool is thoroughly scrubbedand later disinfected, as per standard guidelines, after each use.

Yes,if the power(electricity) is reliable and the road traffic is such that you can be shifted to the hospital quickly if the need arises.

Yes, you can, a long T Shirt is ideal.

Yes,if your pushing stage is more than an hour and the baby is unlikely to deliver in the next few minutes, you will have to leave the pool.

You may be asked to leave the pool,
if the baby’s heart rate is not reassuring,
if you are taking too long to dilate,
if your contractions are wearing off,
if you need stronger pain relief.

Yes..we always have an experienced paediatrician (baby doctor) present at all births, water as well as land births.

In the Western world,midwives cater to low risk pregnant women. Their belief is that labour is a natural process. Strong reassurance,minimal intervention iflabour is progressing well and one to one care has ensured that water birth has gainedpopularity.

In urban India,labouring happensin an obstetrician led setting.Due to philosophy of intervention,pain relief using drugs and lack of one to one support,labourbecomesa doctor centric event. Since it is time consuming for the practitioner,it is not promoted.

Once laboring women are given this option,it will become popular.

Most new ideas are initially ridiculed, then criticized but finally accepted. Women, who have labored both on land and in water,vouch for a very satisfying experience in water.


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