Mission at ALFA IS: Treat patients as we would like ourselves / our family members to be treated. In obstetrics, we are aware that nature is a perfect architect and has planned the physiology of the mum to undergo such profound changes to enable her to go thru’ pregnancy without a lot of wear and tear, and provide the growing fetus, all the necessary support. Our endeavour at Alfa is to facilitate nature, to ensure the best for the mum and the fetus in her womb. A lot of time is spent in counseling, allaying her fears and assuring with the help of necessary tests, the normalcy of the pregnancy.

Complications can occur in the course of pregnancy, which are handled in an appropriate, humane way, based on evidence based medicine and good medical practices.

Since patient and little babies' safety is our prime concern, Anaesthetist and Paediatrician are very important for all round care and we have with us colleagues who are among the best in Bengaluru.

Apart from providing the best clinical care, our commitment extends towards educational and environmental concerns as well. We hold lectures by eminent speakers. These are about social and medical problems / issues where education and empowering people is the primary aim.


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